The Lost Bayou Sauce Story

For years I did like many spicy food enthusiasts do, I would buy my food based on the words SPICY or HOT. Only to find out that the product I bought was apparently made for people who think sliced white bread is spicy. I felt like I was cheated out of my money because of the abuse of the words SPICY and HOT. So, like most, I would go buy sauces at the local grocery store and then mix spices and heat to the sauce to satisfy my taste for HEAT! Bland food is boring food!

One day while visiting my mom on the Lost Bayou, she made some chicken wings and asked me to get the sauce. I went to the refrigerator looking for the sauce, she stopped me and stated it was not in the refrigerator, it was on the stove in a pot! She had made her own because of the lack of flavor of the sauces at the store. That is when it hit me! Why don't I make my own sauce from the beginning. My sauce needed to consist of three simple items, 1) HEAT 2) FLAVOR and 3) SMOKE. But the sauce can not sticky, I hate napkins stuck to my fingers. I wanted to be able to cook chicken, beef or pork however I wanted it, whether it's on a grill, in the oven or in the pan. I could then add the the sauce I wanted to completely bring that meat to a whole new level of flavor!

One day in Perdido Key, Florida I began my trek in making sauce. I am not the kind to follow a recipe nor am I one to follow tradition so there was 2+ years of trial and error, taking canning classes and getting my Serve Safe endorsement. As I made different sauces I would make plenty for my friends to try from Tampa to Galveston. I finally got it narrowed down to the final three flavors. February, June and August. All with HEAT, FLAVOR and SMOKE! So, if you are one who thinks white bread is spicy, please keep with the $.97 sauce on the bottom shelf of your local grocery store. If you are the one that is ready to bring your meats, eggs, burgers or pizza to the next level, then lose you sauce and get LOST! Lost Bayou Sauce.

Welcome to the Lost Bayou line of sauces!

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